VOBRI S.C. has been present on the Polish and European market for many years. At the beginning, the company’s main area of business was professional dismantling of window and door frames in Germany and other countries, including Poland, and trade in surplus production and the so-called warehouse stocks. We have been providing the above mentioned services until the present day.

Currently, the company’s main area of business is co-production of PVC DOORS of all kinds, as well as of PVC WINDOWS – mainly in standard sizes. We produce PVC DOORS for residential houses, offices, shops, as well as industrial doors. As one of the few companies in Poland and Europe, we have at our disposal a very large warehouse with PVC DOORS of more than 70 types, sizes and colours. In addition, we offer nearly 250 types of doors with a DECORATIVE PANEL. Each year, we increase our door selection.

We are constantly working to improve our products and services. Our main focus, in addition to ensuring the highest quality, is to reduce to a minimum the time of delivery. In this respect, we boast of having the shortest time of order fulfilment not only in Poland, but also in Europe.

In order to meet the expectations of customers at home and abroad, we take care that all our products are made â€‹â€‹from European products (semi-finished products). We have all the certificates and technical approvals required at the construction market.